Whiplash reforms at least a year off

Personal injury reforms will be implemented in April next year, sources claim, according to a Postonline.co.uk report.

Sources present at a Ministry of Justice steering meeting this week told Post that ministers have confirmed that the government’s controversial whiplash reforms will be implemented in April next year.

Speaking with the insurance industry outlet, Deborah Newberry, head of public affairs Kennedys said, ‘While the Bill details are awaited, it is fair to assume that the government has reached the sensible conclusion that the measures in the Bill should run in tandem with the whiplash-related proposals to introduce (and increase) two small claims thresholds.

‘This will help allow compensators to properly prepare not only for the reforms, but for their consequences.’

The government’s proposals, outlined in the Civil Liability Bill, include a ban on pre-medical offers and a fixed tariff of compensation for whiplash injuries with a duration of up to two years.