UK EV sales increased 13.5%

The UK’s electric vehicle (EV) registrations had a record quarter.

A total of 12,825 new plug-in vehicles were sold between January and March 2018, a rise of 13.5% on the same period in 2017, with an additional 7,600 domestic chargepoints installed in 2018.

There are more than 85,000 chargepoints operating at homes across the UK, compared with just 6,152 public charging locations. With more than 90% of the nation’s charging network installed in private locations, the world’s first bookable home and destination EV charging platform – Bookmycharge – is urging EV drivers to join its peer-to-peer chargepoint sharing network.

Jan Stannard, co-founder of Bookmycharge, said, ‘Our mission is help EV drivers to maximise the potential of the UK’s huge domestic chargepoint network. We want to encourage a ‘sharing economy’ approach so that the EV community has guaranteed access to the wealth of home charging locations across the country.’