U-Pol turns 70

U-Pol is poised to join an elite group of companies that have served the automotive industry for seven decades.

The British-based operation, which has a factory in the heart of the UK, has been pioneering products and supplying the vehicle repair industry the world over for 70 years.

Founded by Walter David shortly after the Second World War, originally as David & Sons, U-Pol’s first pre-mixed filler product, produced at its facilities in Tottenham, London, was revealed during 1940’s.

The family moved production to its current site in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, during the early 1960s shortly before launching arguably its most iconic product, the P38 Body Filler, which has been the mainstay of many vehicle repairer, professional or DIY enthusiast, ever since.

U-Pol has evolved into a market leader by primarily supplying fillers, abrasives and a vast array of peripheries for the vehicle repair sector, not just here in the UK, but across the world.

CEO Guy Williams, said, ‘There can’t be many purely British companies currently serving the automotive industry with our unrivalled heritage. Seventy years is an incredibly long time but the company has made use of every one of those years in order to stay ahead of the field by constantly developing new products to help serve repairers’ needs. U-Pol was the first company to develop and produce a pre-mixed filler that repairers take as the norm today. We have always been pioneers and lead the way where others have followed.

‘We pride ourselves by the fact we work closely with repairers. With a heritage that hails from the shop floor, we know the needs of today’s repairer and have a suite of products developed specifically to serve those needs.’