TIDAL partner with BASF

TIDAL Alliance signs partnership agreement with BASF to supply R-M and baslac to the UK refinish market.

The new partnership will see TIDAL offer R-M and exclusively introduce baslac into the UK market.

Paul Blunt, director TIDAL UK said, ‘Obviously, we are delighted to be working with BASF on this exciting and innovative new partnership. The baslac brand is established BASF technology which is gaining market share in vehicle refinish markets around the world and has proven its value in terms of quality, efficiency and profitability. The R-M brand has a recognised pedigree, offering TIDAL the genuine opportunity to work in the approved sector of the UK market. Our new partnership with the BASF team along with the TIDAL commitment and approach to Cornerstone supply partners will drive value through the whole supply chain and see the TIDAL alliance continue to grow throughout the UK.’

The partnership will see TIDAL offer both R-M and baslac to serve a broad spectrum of the UK refinish market. R-M is a paint-brand with a range of OEM approvals, and a reputation for innovation.

Successfully launched in other countries including Germany, Spain and China, introducing baslac will broaden BASF’s UK refinish portfolio, and allow customers the opportunity to benefit from BASF’s colour competence. BASF believe TIDAL are the ideal partner to bring this new product offering to the UK market.