Thorite achieves Carbon Trust accreditation

Thorite has been awarded Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status.

For many years, Thorite and their suppliers have marketed the concept of energy efficiency. An energy efficient processing system not only has cost-saving benefits but also reduces energy consumption through utilising the latest technology.

The process of acquiring Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status has been a long process for the brand. For Thorite, the numerous forms and an interview were completed by Steve Boults, the capital equipment sales manager. Steve also had to supply three comprehensive client case studies which showed how those clients were able to benefit from the help and advice from Thorite staff. Finally, those clients also had to agree to being interviewed by specialist Carbon Trust staff. What this means is that Thorite, through its accreditation, can help customers through the Green Business Fund.

Thorite staff will data-log a customers’ existing compressor and work out the saving that could be achieved by installing new equipment. If the customer is in agreement, Thorite will supply application forms for the customer to complete. The customer then submits the forms to the Green Business Fund. Once managers at the Green Business Fund have agreed the purchase, the new compressor is installed by Thorite who will then submit their invoice for the funds to be released.

‘We have been looking at Carbon Trust accreditation for some while.’ said Steve Boults ‘It is a time-consuming process but one that we believe will be of benefit to our customers into the future.’