MyWay launches to Mazda dealers

Mazda MyWay scheme has delivered more than 400 cars in London and is being launched to accredited Mazda dealers.

The MyWay scheme allows customers to test drive, select, buy and service a Mazda without the need to visit a physical dealership. When a MyWay prospect requests a test drive the car is bought to them at their home or place of work by a Mazda brand champion for a test drive. If the decision is taken to buy, the customer simply configures the car online before receiving a quote from supporting dealers within 24 hours.

Largely recruited from outside the automotive industry, the Mazda MyWay brand champions manage the customer’s relationship through the buying process to ownership and onto servicing. Reflecting the way many of today’s consumers like to purchase goods and services, the MyWay scheme is now being rolled out to accredited Mazda dealers, the first of which is Hendy Mazda Tunbridge Wells.

‘We are delighted that we’re launching our first accredited Mazda MyWay dealer, this is a positive extension of the London based programme and a great way to help customers connect with Mazda,’ commented Jeremy Thomson, managing director Mazda UK.

As with the London project, the new Mazda MyWay dealers will serve urban customers geographically challenged by the lack of a convenient physical dealership. Like the London MyWay scheme, each accredited dealership will have dedicated brand champions.

Four more pilot MyWay dealers will be announced in due course.