Mobility paper unveiled

Europcar UK has published a new white paper exploring the evolving world of vehicle ‘usership’ and its potential for fleet managers in a challenging landscape.

Titled, ‘Charting a Safe Path Through the Minefield of Challenges Facing UK Businesses’  this white paper reveals a mood of caution and mild pessimism amongst UK businesses.

In today’s unpredictable economic climate, businesses and decision makers are facing more challenges than ever, when it comes to keeping workers on the road and productive. As a key partner for many UK businesses, Europcar UK conducted research into the business landscape, with a focus on mobility and the rise of ‘usership’, which offers businesses the flexibility and control they need to free up capital

With over half of the businesses surveyed generating their revenue through monthly contracts, unsurprisingly economic growth and cash flow are the top two concerns for UK firms. However, minimising risk and retaining talent are also at the top of the agenda. With this in mind, the challenge remains one of efficiency and productivity.

Europcar’s white paper looks at the role of transport and travel solutions in supporting businesses and examines the current shift from vehicle ownership to ‘usership’. The paper shows how fleet managers could be harnessing the flexibility and versatility provided by the latest mobility solutions to reduce costs and boost the efficiency of their fleet.

‘Businesses need to be able to cope with fluctuations in demand by harnessing solutions that offer them the agility and flexibility they need to adjust their operations quickly,’ explained Gary Smith, managing director, Europcar Mobility Group in the UK. ‘It’s more important than ever, therefore, for firms to understand the benefits the new mobility landscape can offer them.

‘Our new white paper outlines the challenges, but also highlights the range of mobility solutions firms could be adopting to maximise the efficiency of their fleet today.’

To download a copy of the white paper, visit click here