JLR, BMW announce production changes

Jaguar Land Rover says it is committed to its UK plants after announcing that about 1,000 workers at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham will move from a five-day week to a three-day week between October and Christmas.

It said it had invested more than £4bn in UK plants since 2010 to future-proof manufacturing technologies to deliver new models.

The switch from five-day weeks to three-day weeks was described as being part of ‘temporary adjustments to our production schedules’ and that it ‘regularly review its production schedules to ensure market demand is balanced globally.’

The reduction in production will mainly impact models with diesel engines.

Meanwhile, BMW has said it is bringing forward a one-month shut-down of its plant in Oxford from the summer to the spring to reduce ant ‘possible short-term parts-supply disruption’ as a result of Brexit.

It said, ‘While we believe this worst case scenario is an unlikely outcome, we have to plan for it.’

BMW will use the downtime to prepare for the production of its new electric Mini.