iVendi quotes over 100 billion

More than 100 billion motor finance quotes are being generated for dealers by iVendi every month, the company has reported.

The quotes are preconfigured to almost every possible variation of vehicle, finance product, quote length and deposit across many thousands of dealers, so that they can be delivered instantly to used car buyers using a payment search online.

James Tew, CEO, said, ‘Every month we quote using an average of 768 parameters for every vehicle listed by each of our dealers for every one of the finance products and providers that they offer.

‘That’s how we have hit the 100 billion milestone. It’s a reflection of the growth in both the number of dealers using our technology and the general increase in online motor finance that the car market is seeing.’

James said that iVendi continued to invest substantial sums in creating the infrastructure required to deliver on this increasing level of business activity.

He added that currently, iVendi was generating online motor finance quotes for individual, potential buyers on around 250,000 vehicles every month.