GDPR workshops are go

Scaremongering and fake news surrounding GDPR might be causing confusion but ignoring the regulations is not an option for any business according to Dragon2000.

To counter, the dealer management system and automotive website provider has introduced free GDPR Awareness events where it will explain the key points of the regulations and what this means for garages and workshops.

Mark Kelland, commercial manager at Dragon2000 commented, ‘Despite the wealth of information and guidance on GDPR that is readily available from the ICO, many garages and workshops still either aren’t aware that these regulations apply to them, or have been acting on misinformation found elsewhere on the internet and social media.

‘We are hosting these free awareness days, so we can point garages and workshops in the right direction, by dispelling some of the myths and highlighting the key points that are relevant to them, to help them understand and meet their obligations.’

The events will be held at Dragon2000 offices in Northamptonshire from March.