Fix Auto Hastings

Fix Auto has brought St Leonards Motor Bodyshop And Accident Repair Centre into its network.

Fix Auto hopes its move will ensure further representation on the south coast.

Managed by Mark Booth, the 22,000 sq ft repair centre will be known in the network as Fix Auto Hastings.  The four-booth facility which is staffed by a team of 28, is repairing more than 210 vehicles a month and holds vehicle manufacturer approvals from Nissan, Toyota and Vauxhall.

Mark Booth said, ‘Being part of St Leonards Motor Group ensures we have an unrivalled reputation, locally and regionally, but if we are to safeguard and build upon the repair business going forward, we realised we needed to be part of a network and believe that Fix Auto UK is the network to be part of. For me, it’s about future-proofing the whole repair operation.’