EV8 technologies promotes EV infrastructure

At the heart of the battle to transition from hydrocarbons to a low carbon world is the shift to electric vehicles (EVs).  A new clean-energy technology company, EV8 technologies has launched to build the underlying applications which harness the potential of EVs to become a central cog of the energy infrastructure.

Among many capabilities, a priority service of EV8 technologies is to enable consumers and businesses to store and sell electricity by using their electric vehicles as a battery.

EV8 technologies is a joint venture between global management consultancy A.T. Kearney, low-carbon technology not-for-profit group Cenex and Brixworth Technology.

EV8 technologies is working with major automotive manufacturers, car leasing companies, airports, councils and industry bodies to unlock the business models of the future.

The launch of EV8 technologies comes as the clean energy automotive race is accelerating.

Tom Harper, CEO of EV8 technologies, commented, ‘The government and private sector have made great progress in breaking the UK’s dependence on hydrocarbons and increasing renewable energy generation over the last decade.  However, there is still a long way to go. The battery storage of electric vehicles is the silver bullet to accelerating the transition to clean energy.’

Robert Evans, CEO at Cenex, added, ‘We are entering a very exciting period of transport and energy sector transition driven by the electrification of road transport.’