Driving in bus lane costs

In some of the largest cities in the UK, drivers are getting over one million penalty charge notices (PCNs) every year for driving in bus lanes, the RAC told Honest John.

A survey including 53 councils found that between 2015-2017, nearly 3.4 million PCNs were issued for bus lane incursions, costing them an estimated total of £68 million a year.

The RAC has found that there has been a 5% rise during 2015-2017 in the number of PNCs issued for bus lane misuse.  Furthermore, RAC also found that there was no direct correlation between the number of bus lane enforcement cameras and the amount of PNCs issued.

‘The sheer quantity of fines suggests something is awry and we don’t believe the vast majority are knowingly breaking the rules,’ said RAC spokesman Simon Williams.