Drivers reward trusted garages

A significant number of British drivers are happy to pay more to use a trusted garage than get work done cheaper elsewhere, according to new research by AA Garage Guide.

Research shows that over a third (37%) of motorists would rather pay more to use a garage they trust than find a cheaper option, while 23% of drivers claim they would go out of their way to visit an accredited garage.

The appeal of more trustworthy garages is compounded by the fact that some motorists believe they have forked out more than they should have done for routine car services. Of the 17,000 drivers surveyed in the AA-Populus poll, seven per cent say they have been overcharged, while others were surprised when they had to pay for unnecessary repairs (five per cent) and were stung by unexpected charges (seven per cent).

Despite the fact that many complain about being overcharged, only 10% of drivers have proactively shopped around for better deals.

Customers continue to show a lack of knowledge towards the cost of car servicing as almost one in 10 (nine per cent) drivers are unsure how much a car service costs to start with. However, some 14% would have liked to be able check estimates using a price guide to help them make better-informed decisions when servicing their car.

Olli Astley, director at AA Garage Guide, said, ‘It’s worth shopping around and doing your own research when looking for a new garage so you can confirm it offers the services you require at a competitive price. I would also recommend checking reviews online before visiting a garage, as this will allow you to easily assess its reputation.’