Cost cutting can cost bodyshops

Bodyshops are being urged to beware of expensive economy measures.

Managers often see data subscriptions, equipment servicing and recalibration as easy cost cutting targets. Allowing subscriptions to vehicle set-up data to lapse can be a very expensive mistake, according to Tri-Sphere.

‘Relying on out of date information could lead to inappropriate repair and time wasted. That can have implications for road safety,’ said Tri-Sphere director Jim Masterson.

Buying a second-hand jig can be a sensible economy option, but it’s often assumed that this also gives the new owner access to any existing data subscriptions. ‘Subscriptions are not transferable from user to user,’ said Jim.

Employing alternative equipment recalibration service providers is also a popular cost-saving measure. Problems arise when damaged tapes need replacement or worn bearing make the jig difficult to use.

Stiff and worn bearings increase set up times. Accurate measurement and adjustments become harder for jig operators. An equipment service increases efficiency and extends the operational life of the investment.

‘What’s more, recalibration can be carried out as the service takes place. It’s by far the most sensible option and makes significant contributions to bodyshop efficiency,’ Jim concluded.