CGON expands installer network

British manufacturer CGON has expanded its installer network to 400 MoT centres across the UK.

With over 100,000 cars per month failing their MoT on emissions alone, CGON is providing training in MoT centres across the UK to install its flagship product, the ezero1, which it claims can reduce emissions by up to 80%.

Designed, produced and manufactured in the UK, the 100% recyclable ezero hydrogen additive box is fitted within the engine bay and can be used on any fossil fuel engine, from petrol to diesel to LPG.

The ezero1 has been independently tested and shown reductions of 91.3% in PN (Particulate Number, or soot) plus a 47.9% reduction in NOx and a 50.6% reduction in NO2.

CGON’s fuel enhancement products don’t store any hydrogen on board at all but create small amounts on-demand. The system works by introducing small amounts of very pure, very powerful hydrogen directly into the inlet chamber where it combines with the fuel-air mixture. The resulting hydrogen-fuel-air mix – which has a cooler burn that’s faster than a conventional mix – creates a more complete combustion cycle.

CGON claims that the result is that almost all waste gases are eliminated, drastically reducing harmful emissions. And because CGON’s technology increases engine efficiency, less fuel is used, with real-world drivers reporting savings of up to 20%. In addition, in a diesel engine, the much cleaner emissions also put less stress on the particulate filter resulting in reduced maintenance and time off the road, an additional cost saving to the user.

The ezero1 can be fitted to any internal combustion car in approximately one hour.