British drivers concerned about roads

The state of British roads has led to some 85% of drivers concerned for the safety of themselves and other road users, according to new research from AA Cars.

The AA-Populus poll, which surveyed over 21,000 drivers, found that 92% of British drivers are concerned about potential damage to their vehicle because of poor road conditions.

Besides safety and financial considerations, Brits are also worried about the impact the roads have on their day-to-day lives, with three quarters (75%) of drivers becoming increasingly concerned about higher levels of traffic leading to longer journey times.

The state of British roads means that 4.6 million drivers are reluctant to use their cars for local journeys, while a further 3.7 million avoid longer car journeys because of this.

The issues with Britain’s road network mean that almost three quarters (72%) of drivers are concerned that their car tax isn’t being used appropriately.

Simon Benson, director of motoring services at AA Cars, said, ‘With many local councils lacking the funds to adequately repair roads, the country’s highway system is deteriorating – which in turn puts drivers at risk and makes pothole-related damage to cars increasingly likely.

‘Clearly, drivers are well aware of this problem, as we can see by their distinct lack of confidence in the state of British roads.’