BMW drivers nation’s biggest speeders

BMW drivers are accountable for 37% of the fastest speeds recorded across the country, according to new research by TeamSport Indoor Karting.

TeamSport Indoor Karting submitted Freedom of Information requests to reveal how fast the nation is driving, and which car model was charged with the fastest speed recorded in each region.

BMW drivers, it appears, are most likely to take the top spot for recording the fastest speeds according to 10 out of the 27 constabularies.

The highest speed recorded between January 2017 and May 2018 was in Gloucestershire, where a Nissan GT-R was caught travelling at a staggering 167mph in a 70mph zone.

Of the 20 constabularies that recorded the most common car caught for speeding, 15 cited Ford as the most common model.

Dominic Gaynor, managing director of TeamSport Indoor Karting said, ‘The data collated highlights some motorists in the UK are intent on driving fast and completely ignoring the limits put in place. The speeds recorded are dangerously fast and drivers really should think before they take to the wheel, their own safety and that of others is paramount on the roads.’