AutoRaise ups the ante

During next week’s National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2018, AutoRaise will launch its biggest and most extensive engagement campaign to young people yet.

The campaign will see the industry’s skills charity send a daily email to thousands of organisations who, in turn, can reach many thousands of young people who are considering what career they want when they leave school this July.

AutoRaise believes the campaign will generate unprecedented levels of interest in the sector, but is calling on repairers to work with it in order to find potential employers for these young people. Therefore, to coincide with the campaign, AutoRaise will implement an engagement campaign with repairers to encourage them to become AutoRaise Affiliates.

In a letter to repairers across the UK, Bob Linwood, CEO of AutoRaise said, ‘We have already been adding more young people every week to our database. These are young people who have had an opportunity to become aware of our industry and are looking to start an apprenticeship at a Vehicle Repairer. We have over 100 of them already and they are called AutoRaise Cadets.

‘We can’t afford a chicken and egg situation though. We need vehicle repairers to tell us that they are ready to take on an apprentice or two (or three or four). We need vehicle repairers to contact us and register to become affiliated to AutoRaise so we can try and find their next apprentices.’