AGE opens new Irish centre

Automotive Glass Europe (AGE) has expanded its European coverage with the opening of the latest state-of-the-art automotive glass repair, replacement and calibration centre in Ireland.

The Mr.Windscreen centre in Waterford, the AGE partner in Ireland, uses the latest technology to provide a one-stop service for customers.

Pim de Ridder, managing director of AGE, said, ‘Centres such as the new Mr.Windscreen one in Waterford are ensuring our fleet, vehicle leasing and insurance customers have access to the widest and most skilled network when it comes to glass repair, replacement and ADAS calibration throughout Europe.

‘The rapid growth in ADAS technology within vehicles means we have to be ahead of the game, proactive in our approach to ensuring easy accessibility no matter where a vehicle driver is in Europe. The AGE network is investing heavily in the continued development of such one-stop centres, ensuring we are leaders in the field.’

Mr.Windscreen is the AGE partner in Ireland with 25 glass replacement and calibration centres throughout the country.

AGE European network works to Thatcham’s code of practice on ADAS calibration.

The AGE network, employing 7,000 specialist glass professionals and operating from 1,500 fitting centres, has completed its largest ever number of repairs and replacements in 2017 with growth stimulated by increasing numbers of people travelling throughout Europe.