Telematics cuts fleet insurance by a quarter

A not-for-profit charity has joined the RoadSafe-managed and government-backed Driving for Better Business campaign after introducing systems which have led to a 43% reduction in fleet collisions, and a 26% drop in insurance premiums.

Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS), which provides meals-on-wheels and caring support for thousands of elderly, frail or disabled people in Hertfordshire, operates a 68-strong car fleet.

Four years ago it introduced telematics devices to its vehicles and despite a 50% increase in the size of its fleet, the charity has seen a 43% reduction in annual collision/damage incidents, a positive behavioural change from drivers with in-vehicle telemetry devices recording a significant reduction in speeding incident, and an improvement in drivers’ overall ‘safety scores’.

It’s also reported a 26.3% fleet insurance premium savings in the last year, with reduced downtime for damaged cars and therefore a more reliable service, and more accurate arrival times being given to customers as managers can check the exact location of drivers and drivers can advise of any delays.

Tom Cottam, head of business development at HILS, said, ‘We use high level management information from the telemetry system to engage further with drivers and continually develop our fleet safety strategy. HILS is in a continuous state of self-improvement.’