Tantalum secures £1m green grant

Tantalum Corporation has been awarded a £1m grant by Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

The news comes as Tantalum and Imperial College London announce a working partnership to deliver their Air.Car project, which aims to develop a real-time NOx emissions estimation capability giving local authorities the ability to implement dynamic road charging based on actual vehicle emissions in a smarter, cheaper and fairer way.

The Air.Car project is expected to start in June 2017. The 1,000 vehicle trial is part of the funded project and will be free for participants.

Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO at Tantalum, said, ‘It is our belief that companies, local authorities and citizens all want to help clean up the air we breathe. Through Tantalum’s solution and unique patents, we are within reach of this goal. Imagine your vehicle giving you routes that avoid sensitive areas such as schools while rewarding you financially for driving in a manner that saves fuel and reduces emissions.

‘Your vehicle then automatically pays specific emissions charges based on where, when and how you drive. We are working with Imperial College and cities around the world to make this vision a reality. We are delighted to have been awarded the Innovate UK grant, as it confirms Tantalum’s place as the leading connected vehicle innovator and reinforces Tantalum’s vision to put our automotive and data science expertise towards improving everyone’s quality of life. We look forward to making this a reality.’