Taking the hassle out of selling

Two consumer websites have teamed up to offer more than 2.6 million car sellers greater control of the process.

HonestJohn.co.uk and Tootle.co.uk will work together to enable HonestJohn visitors to trade cars on the Tootle platform. Tootle has a network of over 2,000 carefully vetted car dealers, who bid against one another for your vehicle, removing the hassle and haggling out of selling your car

Nine out of 10 offers that car owners receive through Tootle come through in under 48 hours. Once offers are received, sellers can choose to submit a counter-offer or accept the current amount, so power is entirely within their hands. Once accepted the buyer and the seller arrange collection or drop-off.

The service is also available for financed cars or those bought on PCP, while listing and selling a car is free and only takes a few minutes.

HonestJohn’s commercial director, Sarah Kenvyn, said, ‘Honest John is a brand that is very much focused on getting the best deal and best service for consumers, and Tootle makes the perfect partner to that. Getting a good deal is not just something you do when buying a car, but when selling it, too, and the partnership means anyone looking to sell their car can get a fair, honest and realistic sale. That’s in perfect alignment with HonestJohn.co.uk’s own core values.’