Spotlight on door-to-door transport

The new report ‘Door-to-Door Transport in London – Delivering a user-led experience’ points out that despite a widespread consensus that integration should happen, progress toward this goal has been slow.

Door-to-door services are a vital resource for thousands of Londoners with limited mobility but issues with availability, reliability and pricing continue to make the service inefficient.

The report includes recommendations that Transport for London (TfL) should set out a timed plan for implementation of its roadmap towards integration of door-to-door services, and that TfL should explore the feasibility of introducing a system of personal budgets for an integrated door-to-door service, with a timed action to do this. A pilot scheme should also be introduced to test the concept.

Keith Prince AM who released the report on behalf of the London Assembly Transport Committee said, ‘Sadly, not all public transport in the capital is fully accessible. This means that until it is, Transport for London (TfL) has an obligation to ensure effective and comprehensive door-to-door services are available to those Londoners that need them.

‘The frustrating fact is that we are still some distance away from a system by which people get the service they need, delivered in the most straightforward way, as efficiently as possible. TfL is really dragging its feet on this small but essential part of London’s transport system and service users are rightly fed-up of waiting.

‘Integrating services would help to deliver a truly user led door-to-door service and an opportunity to introduce personal budgets. This would allow users to choose what door-to-door journeys they want to make and who will provide them.’