Safety top priority for motorists

UK motorists are putting quality and trust ahead of price according to a new survey of 18,077 drivers from AA Cars.

Safety (25%), the car’s condition (23%) and trust in the dealer (14%) all trump the necessity of an affordable price tag (12%) – perhaps indicating that despite concerns over rising inflation, drivers are drawn more to reliability and trustworthy dealers than to saving the pennies.

It was found that women (31%) are far more likely to buy a car based on safety features compared to men (22%).

Older drivers (aged 65+) are more likely to choose a vehicle based on their trust in the dealer (19%) whereas only nine per cent of young drivers (aged 18-24) would buy a car based to trust.

Other figures from the survey showed that only one per cent would prioritise low emission levels when buying a car, two per cent on style and one per cent on speed/performance.

Simon Benson, director of motoring services at AA Cars, said ‘The internet has fundamentally changed the way that people buy used cars, but not necessarily what they want from their next vehicle.’

‘Of course, the issue of trust remains key. The internet is a great empowering tool for car buyers, giving them a vast array of choice – but that choice can be muddied by a very small number of dealers operating sharp practices. When buying a car, take your time and do your research. Arm yourself with information and get a gauge on what feels like the right price for the make and model you’re after.’