Orio launches life initiative

Orio has launched the ‘Parts for Life’ initiative offering a lifetime warranty on original Saab parts as well as helping to raise money to protect endangered wildlife species.

Orio, the exclusive supplier of Saab original parts, has invested more than ever before to launch a special initiative offering a lifetime warranty on original parts, to help preserve the remaining Saab vehicles on the road.

When a Saab car has been repaired with original parts, the owner can activate the lifetime warranty at www.partsforlife.com. The aim of the campaign is to show the status of Saab as an iconic car brand around the world, whilst also creating an opportunity to educate and encourage the usage of genuine original spare parts.

The initiative will also see Orio work with Nordens Ark (www.nordensark.se) to make a yearly contribution towards its work to protect endangered species.

Jonas Tegström, CEO Orio AB, said, ‘With the Parts for Life initiative and our work together with Nordens Ark, we want to educate about the importance of conservation, preservation, and diversity; not only of cars but also of all things we share on this planet.’