IGA to investigate consumer websites

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is set to carry out a comprehensive study of consumer websites that provide work to independent garages.

This study will determine whether these schemes genuinely provide a benefit to either consumers or garages, as well as laying out the facts so independent garages are able to make informed choices on whether to engage with these companies.

Stuart James, IGA director, said, ‘Independents excel at forming lasting relationships with their customers, and provide a quality service at a fair price. For some time we have been receiving feedback from the industry that these companies create a barrier between the customer and the garage, and generate profits by skimming a fee from a garage’s bottom line.

‘The IGA believes the garage must always retain its true identity in order to protect the unique benefits independents provide. An open and transparent report will be created highlighting the working practices of these work providers.’

The full report will be publicly available in the New Year.