IAEA partners with Audatex

The IAEA has partnered with Audatex to further enhance its practical exam.

The IAEA practical exam involves the appraisal of damaged vehicles using methods based assessing. Escribe, the software which provides details on Thatcham Research’s repair methods and costs, is used to form the basis of our exam.

However, in order to better reflect the actual methods of costing being utilised in today’s accident repair market, the IAEA has been trialling a new practical exam format using Audatex. Trevor Knowles, training manager at Audatex said, ‘The changes to the IAEA practical exam are a significant step in the right direction for the industry. It is important that as candidates embark on training and assessment, they are learning as much as possible for their day to day practices. In this ‘real world’ process the candidate will collate the details from the vehicle then research the method of repair using escribe or manufacturers methods as they always have, then cost the repairs using Audatex.’

From January 1st 2018 this revised format will be used for the IAEA practical exam full route and IAEA re-accreditation.