Heritage launches ‘Classic’ service

Heritage Car Insurance has launched a new service giving customers access to specialist classic car garages throughout the UK.

The ‘Classic Friendly’ service means policy holders will be able to access more garages up and down the country in the event of an accident or if urgent work is required to a particular vintage vehicle.

The scheme means drivers are increasingly likely to have nearby access to a garage where specialist mechanics can liaise with Heritage to access policy information and provide a service more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The family-owned classic car insurance specialist will constantly update the list of classic friendly partners so that more and more locations are covered by the service.

Mark Wilkinson, managing partner at Heritage Car Insurance, said, ‘Classic Friendly is the latest in a long list of measures we are taking to constantly improve the services we can provide for existing and new customers. As a family business full of classic car enthusiasts, we know what will help owners and allow them to spend more time enjoying their vehicles.’