Gemini joins rally with 20-car convoy

Gemini has announced that each of its 20 sites will enter a car in next year’s REAL Rally.

Managing director Dave Sargeant added that each location will be given £500 to buy their own banger, with apprentices then directed to theme the vehicle according to one of the country’s playing in the World Cup.

The announcement was made at the company’s Christmas Party at Chateau Impney in Droitwich last weekend, when it celebrated another fantastic year of growth and development.

Dave said, ‘We have decided that the company is going to support next year’s REAL Rally by giving each site manager a £500 budget to go buy their own banger. We would then like you to guide your apprentices at each site to paint your car in Gemini Green and we are going to have an inter-from competition to see who can raise the most money.’

Bob Linwood, the organiser of the REAL Rally, said, ‘It’s an amazing gesture from Dave and the Gemini directors and it’s going to add another level of fun and interest in next year’s Rally. The REAL Rally is an event run by our family charity but all competitors who enter from the vehicle repair industry raise money for AutoRaise, the industry charity that was born out of my wish to give something back to the industry that had been so supportive to me and my family.

‘With six months still to go, we already have over 30 cars registered and I know many more who intend to participate on top of that. I guess we will get to a point where logistically we can’t handle any more participants. I don’t know what that number is yet but we are edging closer to it.”

The REAL Rally sets off from Gemini Worcester site on the morning of Wednesday, 27 June, taking in the beautiful country roads of north Wales and taking in overnight stays in the iconic Portmeirion village and the lovely city of Chester. There are plenty of activities and entertainment planned along the way, too, and the main focus is to make sure everyone involved has a fun and rewarding time.

If anyone is interested in entering their own team, they will need to buy a banger for less than £1,000 and then raise a minimum of £500 for the charity. The cost of entry is circa £800 for a team of two sharing a twin room and covers all meals and accommodation for the duration of the Rally. Email