Ford welcomes smart mobility director

Ford has announced that Sarah-Jayne Williams will join the company in September as its first director for smart mobility in Europe.

She will report to Ford of Europe president and CEO, Steven Armstrong, and to John Larsen, Ford’s vice president, global operations, smart mobility. She will focus on future mobility solutions for Europe, and will work out of the new Ford smart mobility innovation office in London.

‘We’re delighted to welcome Sarah-Jayne to the Ford team in Europe. Her role is to tackle urban transportation challenges and opportunities, and respond to the growth of the sharing economy by defining and implementing Ford of Europe’s smart mobility strategy. She will focus on accelerating the launch of mobility services across Europe through collaboration, especially with cities, innovation and growing the existing team’, said Steven.

Sarah-Jayne will be responsible for Ford’s continuing expansion into the mobility arena and lead its new transport initiatives, addressing the needs of major European cities. She will support Ford’s global city solutions team by working closely with European city planners, public transport agencies and communities to create solutions for the changing needs of both urban dwellers and cities.

Commenting on her new position, Sarah-Jayne said, ‘The auto industry is on the cusp of a revolution as great as that when Henry Ford first made the car accessible to the masses over 100 years ago. I’m looking forward to joining the Ford team and to being part of its adventure into the world of smart mobility.’