Fewer driver mobile hang ups

Drivers are less concerned about using their mobile phones behind the wheel than they were eight years ago.

Only 50% of all drivers think any use of a mobile phone while driving is dangerous, compared to 61% who held that view in 2009.

Figures from Department for Transport (DfT) suggest that 28% agree all use – even hands free – is dangerous, with 22% strongly agreeing. But that combined percentage was 61% is 2009.

It’s also been revealed that 71% of drivers don’t believe the law on handheld mobile use is being properly enforced.

These results follow the shocking findings from RAC research last month which suggest even the thought of causing an accident wouldn’t be enough to make 40% of drivers put their mobiles away for good.

The RAC says it is time for both persistent and occasional offenders to make a personal pledge to stop, and to share it with friends and family.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said, ‘The law is clear, and the penalties for disobeying it are now stronger for very good reason – a pinging, buzzing smartphone represents one of the biggest modern day distractions in a moving vehicle. Government and industry must not let up in their efforts to explain the risks of dangerous mobile phone use to UK motorists.’