Facebook ‘most effective’ for customer engagement

Bodyshops have been urged to take advantage of Facebook, which reported an 87% social media market share in January and is expected to attract 37 million user log-ins this year.

The services offered through Facebook reach all age groups across the UK, but slightly more female users than male users. This is a social media channel that car dealers simply can’t afford to ignore any longer. It is used more than once a day by around 44% of the UK adults, and just 21% don’t use Facebook at all.

Many motorists now use Facebook to research how garages and workshops conduct their business, because of the interaction with other customers, via reviews and posted comments. With Facebook in particular, garages and workshops that have their business page verified as a genuine business, which displays a grey tick against their name in searches and on their pages, adds to customer trust that they are dealing with a genuine company.

According to Dragon2000, garages and workshops should be taking advantage of Facebook to increase customer engagement and loyalty and to help drive bookings.

Karen McKenzie, operations manager at Dragon2000, said, ‘An increasing number are using Facebook to target potential customers who are likely to buy their services and promote offers and deals. While some thought that Facebook may have just been a passing fad 10 years ago, the reality is that it has grown to be quite the opposite. It’s now a lifestyle for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Just about every person a garage and workshop does business with will use Facebook for personal and/or business use, so it should be something dealers embrace and not shy away from.

‘In the UK, the average Facebook user logs in 17 times a day, with heavy users logging in more so.  Garages and workshops have a great opportunity to target existing and potential new customers using Facebook with offers and promotions. There is no doubt that this social media channel is one of the most effective ways to engage with motorists on a local level.

‘Facebook marketing is also great for Google, as it rewards its content in rankings. Well-followed social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest are key – the more social interactions a dealer has, the more Google puts trust in it being a relevant and genuine search result. Google will also have more content to return in searches, therefore increasing dealers’ visibility amongst potential customers who do not have any connections to the business within their social media circle.

‘Many of our garage and workshop customers have embraced Facebook as a marketing tool and have worked very hard to build up their following – some in the tens of thousands. When they post a special offer, it is seen by a great many people who are already interested in that business. We are hearing more and more how effective Facebook is becoming in generating enquiries and bookings.

‘The reality for garages and workshops today is that marketing their business using Facebook is too effective to be ignored. Facebook is free to use – all it costs is a little time and effort in posting interesting updates to keep their audience engaged.’