Cooper Solutions selects Automotive Systems

Cooper Solutions has chosen Automotive Systems (UK) Ltd to help users of its mobile vehicle appraisal tool, FullAppraisal, deliver what is claims will be a faster and more professional part exchange process.

FullAppraisal integrates with ASUKL’s existing software, eliminating the need for multiple data entry and reducing time during customer transactions.

Retailers using ASUKL’s platforms can now input customer details and vehicle data at the vehicle side, using their mobile device. Crucially, the integration of FullAppraisal with ASUKL’s software means retailers are fully compliant with FCA Regulatory Treating Customers Fairly guidelines. The software also tracks sales and reduces time spent inputting data.

Tim Sherriff, director of Automotive Systems (UK) Ltd, said, ‘Working in partnership with Cooper Solutions and integrating our systems has a number of benefits to the retailer. The platforms fit seamlessly into retailers’ existing sales processes, delivering a more streamlined and professional customer experience. Now sales executives have to input customer details just once online, via their mobile device.

‘FullAppraisal also delivers data through digital appraisals, allowing it to be easily transferred to the ASUKL platform. This means we can track sales and collect data in one simple reporting system. Using both systems together means our retailers have peace of mind that their FSA compliance is robust whilst offering clear and concise advice to their customers.

Simon Whicher of Cooper Solutions, added, ‘We are looking forward to working closely with ASUKL in this exciting new venture in our joint mission to streamline retailers’ sales processes.  FullAppraisal helps motor retailers embrace electronic appraisals, for faster, more accurate data collection at the vehicle side which, together with FCA compliance, creates a modern, professional image for the business and enhances customer experience.’