Career opportunities highlighted

New research by OSV has highlighted the potential automotive career opportunities available.

It suggests vehicle-related jobs are broadly separated into four categories – driving, technical, academic and management – with potential earnings ranging from £27,000pa for a private chauffeur to £40m if you happen to be a budding Fernando Alonso.

OSV suggests that factory test drivers can earn £30,000pa, while a supercar test driver can command a £75,000pa salary. Meanwhile, an F1 engineer can expect to command up to a £75k salary. It suggests on the management side – a car sales manager, marketing manager or group used car manager could earn between £50,000-£100,000pa.

Joint director at OSV, Debbie Kirkley said, ‘There are so many more exciting car-related jobs out there. Whether you want to be behind the wheel, under the bonnet, or even running your own company – there’s a car career out there for anyone with an interest. You just have to set your goals and then go for it.’