Big fuel switch beckons

A third of AA members aim to switch from diesel and petrol for their next car purchase, according to a major AA-Populus survey of 19,308 drivers.

Responding to this massive potential shift in propulsion, the AA has formed a partnership with Chargemaster, the UK’s largest provider of EV charging infrastructure, to help AA members who already own, or who are considering an electric vehicle.

The AA will use the Polar network, the UK’s largest public EV charging network, which is operated by Chargemaster and provides access to over 5,000 charging points nationwide, to provide an emergency backup charging solution for its patrols in the unlikely event that an EV driver runs out of charge.

David Martell, chief executive of Chargemaster, said, ‘In many ways we have passed the tipping point for electric vehicle adoption in the UK, and the pace of change over the coming years will be quite dramatic.

‘We recognise that charging infrastructure, whether at home, at work, or in public, is critical to increasing the uptake of EVs and supporting drivers to make the switch. Although many people are concerned about the number of charging points, the reality is that including dedicated units fitted at home, there are as many charging points in the UK as there are electric cars.’

Edmund King, president of the AA, said, ‘Most of the barriers to owning an EV are myths. The purchase price of EVs is falling while the quality and variety of models available; battery durability and range are all improving.

‘The future of cleaner, greener motoring looks bright.’

There are more than 14,000 public electric vehicle charging points throughout the UK, with around 300 being added every month.