Audatex pushes diagnostic button

Audatex is making a big effort to promote its VHC2 (Vehicle Health Check 2) diagnosis and analysis system designed for the accident repair industry.

VHC2 is a 10.1-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi enabled, vehicle diagnostic tablet. With Vehicle connection via a Bluetooth VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface), VHC2 can perform diagnostics on cars manufactured within Europe, America and Asia, read and clear fault codes, supply reports and perform quick action resets and test.

It integrates with AudaEnterpriseGold allowing diagnostic reports to be quickly and easily shared. It complete scans and updates faster than ever before on an increased vehicle range, and can identify all repair and fault codes quickly and efficiently.

It’s also able to carry out highly accurate post-accident diagnostics scans and re-sets in–house, and significantly reduces the need to send customers’ vehicles offsite and outsource diagnostic re-sets.

Tim Hulse of Bambury’s of Fareham, said, ‘As we were already religious users of the first VHC product, we jumped at the chance to give the upgrade a try and were pleased to find out that it’s available at no extra cost.

‘VHC2 is brilliant – from the sleek professional look on the iPad and quicker vehicle scans, to being able to diagnose vehicles wirelessly via Bluetooth. At Banbury’s we don’t just like to get things done quickly, but we get it done right – and Audatex plays a big part in making that happen.’

He continued, ‘From the moment we started trialling VHC2, we saw the positive impact. Not only is it generally better performing, but the full system diagnosis is the most thorough we’ve seen. VHC2 has dramatically reduced the need to send our customer vehicles offsite because we can do so much more in-house, and the impact on our customers is that they not only get a better experience, but their vehicles are repaired with our full attention.’