Young blood to invigorate CitNOW

CitNOW has turned to youth to drive sales by appointing four graduate product experts.

The new team of Emily Grant, Callum Wood, Ben Davis and Sam Barkham has been created to show the significant benefits of using CitNOW to any dealer’s business.

They will present the range of video applications to any dealer that asks, outlining the benefits of investment and supporting customers through the online sign-up process.

CitNOW sales director Gordon Grant said, ‘As CitNOW grows in the market, we continue to receive many new enquiries. The product expert’s role means they can spend time with new and existing customers.

This gives an opportunity to provide a great demonstration and explain all the benefits; a personal presentation from start to finish.

‘The key is to show the product live in action. This provides an ‘intro session’ for dealer principals, heads of business and group managers.’

Once a dealer makes a request, the CitNOW expert sends an intro video, which includes an offer to visit the dealer to provide a personal demonstration.

Grant concluded, ‘We love their enthusiasm and energy. That’s what we want and expect when we’re showing CitNOW to anyone. They’re four talented, young professionals and we’re already seeing the benefits.’