Used buyer findings revealed

Published online, Making Better Used Car Choices is a major new 30-page report by vehicle provenance company My Car Check.

Based on My Car Check’s 2015 search data, and the results of a February 2016 survey of 649 My Car Check customers, the report names the vehicle manufacturers most likely to have write-off, finance and stolen warnings against them, along with other statistics on the decisions and dangers facing UK used vehicle buyers.

The main findings include:

  • 46% of vehicles searched in 2015 had at least one warning against them
  • Estimated 3.3 million used cars sold in UK last year had a warning against them
  • Top warnings: 1. Plate transfer (48%) 2. Write-off (29%) 3. Finance (13%)
  • The average value of used vehicles searched in 2015 was £7,632
  • Most searched manufacturers: 1. Ford (12.2%) 2. Vauxhall (10.8%) 3. VW (9.6%)
  • Top models: 1. Fiesta Zetec (9.3%) 2. Mini Cooper (8.5%) 3. Golf GT TDI (6.5%)
  • 48% of My Car Check customers prefer to buy privately, rather than from dealers
  • 48% of My Car Check customers buy a used car every two to three years
  • 96% of My Car Check customers check before buying the vehicle
  • Make with the highest % of warnings overall: Land Rover (65.75%)
  • Make with the highest % of write-off warnings: Honda (19.43%)
  • Make with the highest % of finance warnings: Audi (11.78%)
  • Make with the highest % of stolen warnings: Land Rover (less than 1%)

Head of My Car Check, Roger Powell, said, ‘Almost half of all vehicles we checked in 2015 had at least one warning against them – an advisory warning, such as a registration plate transfer or colour change, or a serious warning, such as a stolen, finance or write-off alert. Of the 7.2 million used cars sold in the UK last year, how many buyers would have gone ahead with their purchase at the agreed price if they had conducted a provenance check and made themselves aware of these issues?

‘Buying a car is a big deal. For the price of a few litres of fuel you can access vital facts and figures the seller might not know, or not want to tell you. Our checks frequently save people from making costly used car mistakes. However, it is important to note that 54% of our checks come back clear. More often than not, we give buyers confidence that they’re making the right decision. This report, Making Better Used Car Choices, will help more consumers to end up with cars they love.’