Tyre service gains traction

A new tyre service enabling dealers to compete in the fleet market has gained significant traction, with more 1,600 franchises signing up in just six months.

TyreServe uses a national price list based around a catalogue pre-agreed with fleets. Dealers can choose to stock their own tyres or they can be provided by epyx through distributors.

Introduced by epyx, the initiative is intended to help dealers compete against fast-fit businesses by serving fleets from a single location.

David Goodyear, commercial director at epyx, said: ‘Interest from franchise dealers since launch has been high and there is definite enthusiasm for TyreServe. We are starting to see significant volumes of tyres through the platform but the challenge now is to help those dealers to really make inroads into the fleet market.

‘To help with this, we have created a new team to help dealers to ‘re-learn’ the process of selling tyres into this sector. This is something that is producing good results.’

Major groups like Sytner, Listers, Arnold Clark and Pendragon are already taking part, as well as fleets totalling more than 100,000 vehicles.

David added, ‘The incentive for these fleets is that they are able to get servicing and tyre work completed in one place, rather than redirecting a driver from a dealer to a fast-fit.

‘This represents both a service advantage and a saving in time and other resources. Franchise dealers that are able to provide this combination have a genuine advantage in the fleet marketplace.’