Tesla promises December software upgrades

Elon Musk has tweeted that new Tesla owners can expect Enhanced Autopilot features at some point in December.

In the tweet – a response to a query from a new Tesla owner regarding when the new software upgrade will be available – Elon Musk wrote, ‘about three weeks and it will get rolled out incrementally in monthly releases’.

All new Teslas are now being made with the new hardware, but the features promised by the latest autonomous system are not yet active. It means customers currently buying a new Tesla do not get self-driving features as with older cars.

But Tesla is working on the new generation software using its own ‘Tesla Vision’ image processing architecture, rebuilding the Autopilot features based on the new systems.

Enhanced Autopilot update 8.1 is the first step in the roll out of systems such as slip road to exit ramp autonomy on motorways and dual carriageways with automatic lane changing; new Autosteer+ which means that the car will be able to navigate tighter, more complex roads; and Smart Summon, allowing your car to navigate more complex environments to arrive in front of you when you call it. Over time, the new models will be capable of self-driving.