Teenager risks kids’ lives in 125mph chase

A 19-year-old in Gloucester has been captured on film speeding at 125mph with his two small children in the car.

Kieran Hayward raced away from police because he didn’t have car insurance, eventually reaching speeds of 125mph even though his baby and five-year-old daughter were in the car.

PC Mark Wiacek, who led the pursuit, said, ‘I was horrified to see children in the back of the car – the five year-old wasn’t even belted up appropriately. She was wearing an adult seatbelt with no booster seat. The astonishing thing about this is that the driver decided to speed with two young children in the rear of his vehicle, a fact that was unknown to us until the conclusion of the pursuit.

‘The risks this driver was willing to take simply because he had no insurance when it would have only cost him a few hundred pounds and six points on his licence shows his mentality at the time. Instead of just stopping and admitting the offence he decided to risk his safety and that of his children and has ended up with his liberty being taken away for six months as a result.

‘The messages are clear – firstly do not ignore the law. Police officers are always on the lookout for offences and will stop you if they see you are committing one. Secondly, always stop for officers when requested. We are pursuit trained to a very high level and you probably aren’t so it is likely to be futile and put others at risk.

‘Finally and most importantly, if you are willing to drive recklessly like this and put other road users and your children at risk you will be arrested and it is highly likely you will be given a custodial sentence at court.’

Hayward has been handed a six-month sentence in the youth detention section of a prison and banned from driving for over two years.