Style reduces substance in Exeter

Exeter City Council has been working with two tech companies on a project it believes could help make transport cleaner.

Together with digital security company Gemalto and Ashwoods Lightfoot, an engine technology and telematics provider, the Council was able to reduce the harmful effects of driving by changing driver habits in real time.

During an eight-week trial period, 100 members of the public had a device installed in their cars to enable mobile connectivity, communication and tracking. It connected to a central server, which provided live guidance and feedback on the greenest, safest and most efficient driving techniques.

Instead of simply providing data for retrospective analysis, the intention of the trial was to monitor the drivers and help them change driving behaviours in real-time to achieve a style of driving that reduced emissions, optimised energy efficiency and improved safety.

Following the trial, data from the 100 cars was analysed and it was discovered that: car efficiency increased by around 16%; 60% of drivers achieved ‘Elite Driver’ status every week – awarded for hitting target efficiency levels; time spent in the dangerous red zone reduced by over three quarters.