Skills shortage for drivers too

According to new research over a third of British motorists do not know how to replace a tyre. It also found that 23% of those polled do not know how to change their vehicle’s oil.

The research was conducted by VoucherCodesPro, who polled a total of 2,612 UK-based motorists, all aged 18-65, in a bid to discover more about their driving habits. Respondents who took part in the survey had been driving for at least a year and owned their own car.

It found that 67% did not know how to replacing headlight bulbs, 56% didn’t know how to top up coolant, 38% couldn’t change a tyre, 31% weren’t sure how to fill up screen wash while 23% couldn’t change the oil.

Researchers also asked respondents if they had had to call a friend or family member to help them fix a simple car issue, to which 74% stated they had. A further 89% said they hadn’t read the car maintenance manual.

Spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro George Charles said, ‘It’s hard to believe so many people are unable to do basic maintenance to their car. It’s worrying because if something were to go wrong on the motorway like a tire blowing out, you could be stuck waiting around for AA. These simple tasks can be completed by you and will save you and road help services time and money.’

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