SEAT scans reach one million

Every year a million CT scans and X-rays are carried out at the quality department of SEAT to verify the condition of the materials.

According to materials engineer at SEAT, David Patiño the high technology enables the brand to ‘extend the service life of the parts and ensure the quality of the materials’. Part of the process includes the analysis of wheels.

With wheel scan results available in less than a minute, David said, ‘Not many people are aware of the fact that a single tiny pore, only half a millimetre across, can cause a dent on this wheel if the driver runs into a kerb. Here we make sure that won’t happen.’

Using these techniques, which enable parts to be seen in 3D and in cross sections, technicians can analyse from individual metallic material to sets of electronic components. However, testing can only be carried out by specialist engineers who require a special licence to work with nuclear energy.