RMI raises data management concerns

RMI Bodyshops (NAB & VBRA) has met with a group of leading UK insurers to raise its concerns regarding data management controls.

The meeting discussed information relating to the potentially serious breach of repairer management systems confidentiality, and the apparent release of personal data to third party legal firms and accident management companies.

Market intelligence was shared with insurers regarding the live investigation by UK authorities in conjunction with RMI Bodyshops. The information consisting of motorists personal data – including phone numbers and addresses – has been unknowingly accessed by third parties not involved in the repair of the vehicle.

Jason Moseley, RMI Bodyshops director said, ‘This is the first of many positive steps we are taking in resolving the issues that have arisen from this potentially serious data breach. Both bodyshops and insurers are experiencing reputational issues with customers who believe this data has been knowingly passed on. This is simply not the case.

‘We must stand together to eradicate this practice that is highly dilutive to customer confidence in our sector. This is a great opportunity to show a united front and set some actions from two critical parts of the sector.

‘It is extremely important for bodyshops to be part of a professional, affiliated trade association. By pooling our member resources we are able to leverage our voice and address major market issues such as this.’