On-the-go appraisals is a Breeze

The leading Volkswagen retailer on the south coast of England has replaced its paper-based system with a mobile vehicle appraisal tool to improve efficiencies across its six sites.

Breeze Volkswagen Group has chosen FullAppraisal from Cooper Solutions to enable accurate appraisals on the go by allowing sales staff to complete appraisals at the vehicle using an iPad or tablet PC.

All vehicle and customer information is captured electronically, with a VRM look-up to auto-fill vehicle details, saving sales teams valuable time while with the customer. In addition, FullAppraisal’s checklist system reduces the risk of missing information by ensuring staff complete specific fields before they can finish the process. Staff can also upload up to 15 photos with a ‘drag and drop’ feature to add vehicle condition markers for greater accuracy.

Andy Garrett, Breeze Volkswagen Group underwriter and buyer, said, ‘The stock purchasing process has become more efficient. I now have a more accurate and real time picture of potential retail opportunities coming in as part-exchanges across the group. This enables me to quickly identify where to place each vehicle, and also what areas of stock we are lacking.

‘Switching to digital has meant the sales teams taking more quality information for the part-exchange. Time and date stamping on photos has helped to increase accuracy in descriptions, and we also now get to see good appraisals on distance selling deals.

‘A huge plus point for me is I now have the ability to navigate between each site on my phone, tablet or PC without having to log-out. No matter where I am I can underwrite any vehicle for the group in an instant.’

Simon Whicher, FullAppraisal general manager at Cooper Solutions, added, ‘We spent a week with Breeze Volkswagen staff across its retail, service and van sites in Poole, Southampton Portsmouth, training them on the FullAppraisal system, which is designed to fit seamlessly into any business for a smooth transition to fast, accurate appraisals that maximise profits and deliver on customer care.’