Nebula shakes up diagnostics market

Nebula Systems has introduced what it calls ‘a truly innovative cloud-based diagnostics tool’ which ‘will disrupt the aftermarket sector’.

Nebula Systems, a member of the RAC Group of Companies, has introduced which it claims offers an entirely new business model by taking out the need for hardware and software updates.

MECH5 leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud which allows users access to real-time information and automatic updates every time they login on-line. Nebula suggests the system will encourage and embrace cloud connectivity to other platforms for technical data, technical support and eventually parts ordering.

Andrew Steer, CEO of Nebula Systems, said, ‘We’re enabling the democratisation of diagnostics, making this technology available to everybody from the small independent garage, up to nationwide dealerships.’

MECH5 is the first of a range of services that RAC and Nebula Systems will bring to market based on Microsoft technologies.