Morelli the merrier for Autoraise

AutoRaise has announced a new platinum level partnership with national distribution organisation Morelli Group, intended to inspire more apprentices into the industry.

The three-year partnership will see Morelli provide financial support to AutoRaise, the charity formed to address the skills shortage, while also introducing new initiatives to bring people into the industry.

Bob Linwood of AutoRaise said, ‘I am delighted that we can make this announcement. Since before AutoRaise started its charity formation, Morelli demonstrated a deep sense of social responsibility by pursuing us to become a partner. Their desire to give something back to the industry is real credit to them and we look forward to a long association together.’

Andrew Moring, marketing director from Morelli, added, ‘We have been at the forefront supporting World Skills over many years, with the desire to attract and retain young people into the industry. At an early stage we were made aware through the work of Chris Oliver at Fix Auto Dagenham about the AutoRaise concept which importantly complements Morelli’s CSR ethos, hence our strong desire to become an active partner.

‘Over the past five years alone we have successfully introduced over 20 apprentices into a variety of roles within our own company. The emphasis is to advance this work in association with AutoRaise and our customers for the benefit of the apprentices and industry as a whole.’

Morelli will not be the only AutoRaise partner. Bob continued, ‘We are a transparent organisation and want to be totally open about who we are partnering with and at what levels. If it wasn’t for these organisations’ offer of support, without any commercial gain, AutoRaise would not be able to develop and grow as an entity.

‘Securing funding has been my key objective over the last few months and I am looking forward to making a few more announcements like this over the next few weeks and months. Not only are our platinum partners committing financially, they are actively creating new initiatives with us to bring new people in to the industry and help us achieve our core objectives. We simply couldn’t do it without their support.’

Anyone wishing to support AutoRaise should email