Millbrook set for testing times

Millbrook Group has welcomed the introduction of new regulations that update vehicle testing requirements.

The new procedures require the use of a sophisticated portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) to provide real world results to supplement laboratory testing.

The new Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Regulation (Package 1) has now been published and outlines the procedures that must be followed when testing exhaust emissions of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The revised testing process requires the use of a PEMS to provide results that are more representative of real-world driving conditions. The latest equipment provides full gaseous measurements of CO, NOx, NO, NO2, CO2 and O2.

Package 2 of the RDE Regulation is expected to be announced later in 2016 and will outline emissions limits that manufacturers will be required to comply with. While those limits are due to be published later this year, compliance will not be enforced until September 2017.

Phil Stones, chief powertrain engineer at Millbrook, said, ‘It’s important to note that the changes to emissions testing regulations are not a knee-jerk reaction to the events of recent months, but have been a long time in the planning. The Package 1 regulation became a mandatory part of Type Approval from the 20 April and from 2017 specific emissions targets will be imposed. Our view is that these changes will create the right framework for the industry to adhere to and will provide consumers with the clarity they require.’

Millbrook Group became an early adopter of PEMS and has conducted a number of projects across light, heavy and off-road vehicles accurately and repeatedly to gather key data that will help shape future technologies and fuels. At its Proving Ground in the UK, Millbrook has three of the latest PEMS units available, from each of the major suppliers, to support the industry’s testing requirements. The company has been using PEMS equipment since 2013 and has extensive experience of the procedures required under the new regulations.

Millbrook Group is a leading independent vehicle test, validation and engineering services provider and owner of winter and tyre testing specialists, Test World.